Let's make cool stuff.

Ranging from web design to 3D design and everything graphic design we can work together to find the right creative solution for your success.

Putting out fires is nothing new to me...

...both figuratively and literally. Wearing many hats and remaining deadline conscious while knocking out multiple projects is just another day for me. You'll never catch me hiding behind a job description to avoid working outside of my boundaries. I love to help especially when I get to use my talents to do so. 

I'm what you might call a "creative dancing monkey." I keep on top of my skills while constantly improving and expanding my skill set. If you've got a some creative needs and no means of achieving them let's talk. 

Where I'm at and where I've been

Johnnie Five Apparel

Apparel design and pre-press setup.


Assisted with the content migration from a deeply problematic web site into a more aestetically pleasing responsive website.


Worked with various teams to design content to support their online efforts as well helped migrate content from their legacy site into a new responsive format.

B of I Federal Bank

Ran the gamut of digital and print design work including branding, wireframing and web development, social media content creation and various other projects.

Bluefield Integrated Consulting

Digital design consultation, content creatoin and wireframing.

Time Warner Cable

Spent some time as their marketing workhorse facilitating all of their digital and print design needs before transitiong over to IT to support internal application development.

Ripple Junction

One of the lead apparel designers creating original and licensed apparel as welll as too many other duties to list.

Fully capable of delivering creative solutions for brands and products of all sizes and noteriaty. I'm comfortable working solo or collaborating with teams in Fortune 500 companies to individuals with brick and mortar businesses.

Want to make cool stuff?

If you're interested in how my services can benefit you or you just want to say "hey cool stuff" feel free to reach me at: